where non-writers find their words... and GROW

capture. connect. clarify. communicate.

For small businesses and busy humans ready to turn chaos into clarity and messy into meaningful.

For most people, writing feels complicated and hard.

It doesn't have to be.

We've been helping people write with confidence for 30 years.

You have great ideas.

maybe... vague. scattered. chaotic.

even... undiscovered.

Until now.

We know...

Thinking is messy. Ideas, elusive. Time, short. Writing, overwhelming.

(We feel it, too.)

We also know finding the right words helps great ideas (and good humans) grow.

Audacious ideas. Scary goals.

Honest stories.

Yours matter. It's time to unravel them and grow.

Small businesses and busy humans work with us to...

Learn easy writing strategies to develop ideas, maximize time, and eliminate frustration

Develop goals and habits to improve processes, systems, and efficiency

Understand their Why, tell their story, and build relationships to increase opportunities

(know - like - trust)

Own their audacious ideas & develop them strategically (with a dose of creativity)

Start the business.

10x your business.

Sell the business.

Travel the world.

Write the book.

Empower your team.

Empower yourself.

Change careers.






It's time to...


It's time to...
Write with confidence.
Grow your business
Grow yourself.
What folks are saying

"RL Kyle Consulting has a flexible process that allowed me to be as involved in the creation of the Capabilities Statement as I wanted. I highly recommend Robin and her team."

Lourie B., GovCon Client/Founder, ECBusiness Solutions, LLC

"Thanks for the time and teaching, Robin. I think it may change how I look at words."

- Diane T., Mixed Media Workshop

"I’m so pleased with your work... Too many drift through life without having a clear purpose or goal in mind. That is not you, and I applaud you."

— Jeff G., GovCon Client

I think my online shop now represents me better as the artist I am today."

- Diane F., Aiming for Remarkable (Etsy Course)

"Robin, This is fantastic feedback. Thank you, thank you. I've been teaching these distinctions for nearly a decade now, and yet, seemingly simple feedback like yours can help me continue to enhance the way it gets remembered."

— Jeff G.

Founder, Xtramile Training and Development

"Thank you for your time and dedication to us (me) as you cause us to stop and think and reflect and write and offer encouragement through it all. That’s a huge undertaking... thank you for living out your passion and your purpose! I am so grateful that I am a part of this beautiful community you have created!" 💗

Tracey R.

Wednesday Writing Group Member

bokeh photography of condenser microphone
bokeh photography of condenser microphone

Meet our (creative) sister site

In 2015, a family crisis led our founder, Robin Le Roy-Kyle, to mixed-media art as she searched to find her writing voice. It had buried itself in fear and grief.

Within a year, a creative community designed to help women 15 - 50+ navigate life's BIG changes, practice self-care, and focus on mental health began to grow.

Since then, Robin has helped 100s of women explore, navigate, discover, and find clarity as they developed skills, strategies, and most of all— confidence.

How we began nine years ago...

Sassy. Messy. Fun!

Imagine casual wordplay, creative writing (for non-writers, mostly), and personal exploration outside of the office.

Designed for women and men who support women.

YOU time. With friends. On your own. You decide.

Groups. Workshops. Retreats. Resources. Coaching.

Online. In Person.

Designed for brave humans ready to GROW.

We've also been called powerful, empowering, and... a game-changer. We don't like to brag, but we're proud of the work we do and are grateful to the women who've allowed us to be part of their journey.

Ready for clarity? Our Wednesday Writing Group might be just what you need. Or, grab an hour on Robin's calendar. Maybe an in-person local workshop is a good fit?

woman in black framed eyeglasses eating food
woman in black framed eyeglasses eating food

Making sure we're a 'good fit' is important to your project's success.

Relationships matter in our world.

Our Core Values





Process Matters

"Always Be Learning"

Humans First

Tapping into experience

Updating skills

Blending analog & digital to maximize value

Streamlining processes

Using best practices

Optimizing systems

Redefining expectations

RL Kyle Consulting is a brand of Robin Le Roy Kyle, LLC