We help small businesses and busy humans turn chaos into action so they continue to grow.

Clear your headspace chaos.

Turn messy ideas into meaningful action.

Start your business

10x your business

Sell your business

Empower your team

Empower yourself

Change careers

Travel the world

Write the book









Personal Development

Professional & Business Development

Collaborative Writing Services

Develop your ideas

& your people.

Develop your writing projects.

Develop your goals.

Build your habits.

Become YOU.

Discover your Why.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome.

Explore audacious ideas.

Problem-solve creatively.

Be strategic.

You didn’t come this far to stop.


What they're saying...

bokeh photography of condenser microphone
bokeh photography of condenser microphone

"Thanks for the time and teaching, Robin. I think it may change how I look at words." - Diane T., Mixed-Media workshop participant

"Robin, I've been teaching this concept for nearly a decade, and yet seemingly simple feedback like yours can help me continue to enhance the way it gets remembered." — Jeff G., Xtramile Training and Development

"The vision board workshop last January was life-changing! The number of things I included on my board that actually manifested is insane!"

- Leslie T., Vision Boarding 2023

"Thank you for your time and dedication to us (me) as you guide us to stop and think and reflect and write and offer encouragement through it all. Thank you for living out your passion and your purpose! I am so grateful that I am a part of this beautiful community you've created!" 💗

Tracey R., Quick Write Club Member


We choose transformational over transactional.


We're unapologetically curious and strive to inspire that in others.


Ideas expand when voices are heard.


Creativity + strategy maximizes growth.

RL Kyle Consulting is located in Brevard County, Florida, known for its beaches and rocket launches. We help small businesses and busy humans slow down to focus on personal, professional, and business growth through human development training and collaborative writing services.

We're committed to helping you grow your business, your people, and yourself.

We're experienced business writers who also write creatively. We teach approachable writing strategies and use collaborative writing services to help you grow and expand your business.

Our Story

grayscale photography of wooden dock near trees viewing sea
grayscale photography of wooden dock near trees viewing sea
35+ years later...

Our experience in the military, education, and creative business sectors includes writing professionally, teaching writing + idea development, and exploring how creativity impacts thinking + mental health.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your Why. If you're not sure what yours is, drop us a note. Let's talk.

Slow down. Ditch the distractions. Turn off the tech. Silence the stress.

Audacious ideas. Scary goals.

Honest stories.

Let's turn yours into meaningful action.