About Us

shallow focus photography of woman in clear eyeglases with silver frames
shallow focus photography of woman in clear eyeglases with silver frames

Size. Experience. Approach.

Start with Why

Our boutique consultancy focuses on 1:1 tailored solutions and welcomes small projects that allow our strengths to personalize your solutions. To do this, we:
  • Collaborate 1:1 (and teach) from first draft to final publication

  • Choose clients & partners who align with our values and objectives

  • Use our 30+ years of experience developing strategic & creative processes to produce unique solutions

  • Limit our project portfolio & team size, ensuring exceptional quality and responsiveness

Our mission is to help you find the right words and get your writing projects done. Why?
We know words impact decisions and the right words help individuals and organizations grow.
We also know finding the right words can be challenging.
In late 2014, our founder, Robin Le Roy-Kyle, a writer, writing instructor, coach, and author, learned firsthand the frustration of not being able to write as a devastating family event unfolded.
Over the next year, Robin developed strategies to 'refind' her writing voice and started a business to help others struggling, too.
In 2023, she founded RL Kyle Consulting to help folks find the right words in business.
The right skills and the 'right' tools lead to high-quality outcomes. We choose selectively to provide efficient, compliant, polished, and impactful writing solutions.

Tools Matter

Your 'Why' guides our work together, start to finish.

Our Story

Our 'Why' is rooted in knowing writing doesn't 'feel right' for everyone, but writing is at the heart of growth for individuals & organizations. We're passionate about helping you find those words!

Our writing methods are developed from science, grow from creative thinking, and are strategically structured— providing polished, unique professional writing solutions.

We know the right words in the right places have the power to:
  • Motivate, empower, and engage people
  • Deepen understanding
  • Drive decision-making

Meet our Founder

Robin Le Roy-Kyle is an accomplished learning leader & practitioner, published writer, thriving business owner, and proud U.S. Navy veteran.
While teaching in classrooms, at professional conferences, and in workshops for 30+ years, Robin has used words to teach and empower folks from 15 to 50+, helping them develop their ideas and themselves.
Now in her third career, Robin and her team show teens and adults how to use words to capture, connect, and communicate ideas while developing confidence from clarity and taking action that matters.
  • Service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) SBA
  • Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) SBA-pending
  • Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) Florida
Robin Le Roy Kyle, LLC is:
  • SBA certified
  • FL state-certified
  • Registered in VendorLink
  • On multiple vendor lists
  • Currently & always interested in working with aligned partners
  • Located on Florida's Space Coast, conveniently located for in-person events and meetings
  • Hosting a weekly business development group for new and aspiring business owners in the GovCon space
  • Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE) Florida

GovCon Credentials

RL Kyle Consulting is a brand of Robin Le Roy Kyle, LLC