The power of...
Focused writing.
Simple art-making.
Navigate change.
Find clarity.
Welcome confidence.
Oh, crap, I can do this!”

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Established in 2015, RobinLK Studios happened by accident when founder Robin Le Roy-Kyle lost her writing voice as she struggled with accepting her youngest sister's breast cancer diagnosis. Robin, a writing instructor for 20+ years, faced for the first time what her students and workshop participants faced every day— needing to find words and coming up empty.

Blank spaces overwhelmed her. Nagging, screaming voices rattled her. Afraid and angry, she began searching for coping tools.

Enter mixed-media art. Mark-making. Tearing tiny bits of paper and gluing them for strength. Painting and doodling. Stitching and stapling.

Color and creativity became the bridge between struggling and thriving. Words slowly returned.

Today, through the Studios, Robin helps adults and teens (re)discover the joy of wordplay and writing. Together, we navigate life's curveballs and challenges and focus on mental health, self-care, and personal + professional growth. We even do a bit of strategic life planning.

Welcoming change & uncertainty with purpose, strategy, (and fun!) leads to awesome outcomes.

assorted-color paintbrushesassorted-color paintbrushes
mixed-media art.
Tearing tiny bits of paper.
Gluing them for strength.
Painting. Doodling.
Stitching. Stapling.

"Found Words"

One of our most popular writing strategies is using "found words" to give inner thoughts a voice, explore what's happening in our heads, and discover things we didn't even know were bubbling below the surface.

'Found Word' stories in the wild...

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