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Dream big, start small, but most of all, start.

Simon Sinek

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Plan your 20-minute Discovery Call with these tips in mind:

  • Make a 'talking points' list.

  • "Quick Questions" aren't usually quick. If you need more than 20 minutes, please schedule consulting time.

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person holding white smartphone sitting on stair
person holding white smartphone sitting on stair

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Still not sure we can help or just have a 'quick question' or idea? Try us!

Consulting $105/hour

Great option for fleshing out project ideas, brainstorming, feedback, and answers to general questions

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Hire us

Every project is a collaboration between you and us and includes collaborative Developing hours + behind-the-scenes Writing hours.

Collaborative Writing Services

a close up of a person typing on a laptop
a close up of a person typing on a laptop

Includes researching, reviewing, writing, editing, revising, designing, formatting, and publishing

Writing $55/hour
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2 women sitting at table

Includes all project communication, including brainstorming, updates, and review sessions by phone, Zoom, e-mail, and in person

Developing $105/hour

*Sometimes projects aren't a good fit. We reserve the right to decline a request.

Fractional writers augment your team without HR requirements or payroll benefits. Plan for regularly scheduled writing projects short-term or long-term. We get to know your business and respond to your writing needs.

Contract Retainer:

  • Initial development consultation ($105)

  • First month ($225) - Includes three hours of development and writing time for your projects

  • Additional hours are charged at our fractional writing rate ($75/hr)

  • 3-month contract

  • Unused hours roll forward and expire at the end of the 3-month period

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black-framed eyeglasses on white printing paper

Hire a part-time writer

We're too small to afford these services...

Final thoughts

Workers will need different skills to thrive in the workplace of the future. ... Social, emotional, and higher cognitive skills — such as creativity, critical thinking, and complex information processing — will be in demand...

AI is about enabling machines to augment humans — in other words, to complement human skills — rather than merely replace them. In most cases, AI’s skills are different to a human’s, so we are moving towards a symbiosis of the two.”

We know parting with your money is hard.

While Robin Bordoli, CEO, of Figure Eight, says this about AI—

James Manyika, Chairman and Director of McKinsey Global Institute says—

We believe big decisions need careful consideration.

(for us, too!)

(and action)

A few words from thought leaders...

You've got ideas. We've got writing chops.

"RL Kyle Consulting has a flexible process that allowed me to be as involved in the creation of the Capabilities Statement as I wanted.

I highly recommend Robin and her team."

— Lourie B.

"Thanks for the time and teaching, Robin. I think it may change how I look at words."

— Diane T.

Mixed Media Workshop

"I think my online shop now represents me better as the artist I am today."

— Diane F.

Aiming for Remarkable

Etsy Course

"Too many drift through life without having a clear purpose or goal in mind. That is not you and I applaud you.."

— Jeff G.

"The January 2023 Vision Boarding workshop was life-changing! The number of things I included on my board that actually manifested is insane!"

— Leslie T.