Write. Think. Grow.

Growth, maximized.

We help heart-driven businesses and busy humans find the words to thrive.

  • Clean up your act! Call yourself out. Self-assess your Key Life Areas and...Work. On. Them. (Self-assessing is no joke. You in?)

  • Don't just develop goals for business and life. OWN them. (Smartly)

  • Be strategic. Career. Life. Business. Create your plan.

  • Habits AFO... Assess, Fine-tune, and Own yours!

  • Manage your mental health. Say YES to self-care. Learn to journal like a bad-a**

  • Tackle your time. Manage like a maven.

  • Get clear. Be confident.

  • Start that business.

  • Create that course.

  • Write that book.

  • Learn to PLAY like a kiddo again!

How do you want to grow in 2024?

woman walking on pathway during daytime
woman walking on pathway during daytime

It's just business.

From personal to professional, our workshops are built on relationships— yours, ours, and the community's.

We teach approachable writing, easy art, and creative thinking for mental health, self-care, and personal/professional growth.

in your life.

in your business.

in our community.

It takes a village.

Plants. Books. Tattoos. Animals. Food.

Why attend our workshops?

We partner with the coolest fellow heart-driven, community-focused businesses whose 'personality' elevates your workshop experience.


mental health.

personalized creative sessions designed to clear headspace chaos, help you develop your best ideas, and nudge you toward meaningful action...

personal & professional growth.

Come experience how our topics + our partners' business personalities feed your soul and help you grow.

surrounded by...

(while leaving the world at the door!)

Creative. Strategic. Personalized.

BIG thanks to our community partners who welcome us, reach out to collaborate and offer space to creators.

Without them, our workshops wouldn't be possible. Our list continues to grow. Check back to see if your favorite hangout is on the list. We welcome introductions. :)

Brevard Community Partners

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graphical user interface

If you're a Brevard business with space for 10 - 15 guests, accessible parking, and share our belief in serving others, we'd love to talk with you. Drop us a note. If we're connected on Instagram @robinLKstudios or locally, message us.

Without our community partners, our one-of-a-kind workshops wouldn't be possible!

Call it "DIY therapy." (*Not actual therapy, but some say it's just as life-changing.)

Join us for our mixed-media art + writing sessions as we play with words and experiment with colors. Let's "break out of our flower pots" this year!

Guests 15+ welcome with a parent

You know that little voice inside your head that's always gnawing at you? It's time to give it space.

We call it 'soul speak' and can't wait to show you how to make that space— to welcome audacious ideas, scary goals, and confidence that comes from clarity. 

Guests 15+ welcome with a parent

Soul Speak:
Creating 'Found Word' Stories
Seeds of Self-Care:
Mixed-Media Creative Workshops

Learn more here...


Whether it's one person or one thousand (yikes!), the idea of speaking to people can feel terrifying. In this session, you'll learn (and practice!) tactical ways to overcome fear and speak with confidence in business situations.

For 18+ crowd

Business/Professional Growth

Did you know humans have been adding ink to their bodies (permanent or temporary) for thousands of years? For story-telling, status, honoring, and many other reasons.

Join us to tell your life stories through poetry and painting in a lovely studio filled with beautiful ink. Let's add layers of words + colors (to paper, not our bodies). No skills needed!

Guests 15+ welcome with a parent

Location: Golden Moose Tattoo, Titusville

Date: Watch for upcoming date!

Write It. Own it. Say It: Strategies for Speaking with Confidence
Layered Stories:
Poetry and Painting for Nonwriters and Nonartists
Can't wait to see you in a session (or ten!).

Are you intentional?

3 sessions. Let's:

  • Unravel your ideas

  • Clarify your goals

  • Develop actionable plans

  • Be accountable with grace

This series is more than pretty pictures on a board (that you may or may not ever look at again). It's 

  • Creative problem-solving

  • Approachable writing

  • Strategic life planning

Clear the chaos. Put messy ideas into meaningful action. Get original tools to help you GROW in 2024.

It's time to manifest, friend! You in?

Guests 15+ welcome with a parent

Personal + Professional Growth

In one of Brevard's loveliest plant shops, we'll use exploratory writing to discover and welcome your WHY. Call it "DIY writing therapy." (*Not actual therapy, but some say it's just as life-changing.)

Join us for our "Seeds" sessions - as we break out of our flower pots this year.

For 18+ crowd

Personal or Professional Growth

You know that little voice inside your head that's always gnawing at you? It's time to give it space.

We call it 'soul speak' and can't wait to show you how to make that space— to welcome audacious ideas, scary goals, and confidence that comes from clarity. 


Guests 15+ welcome with a parent

April 6: "Diving In" Postponed

July 20: "How's it Going?

October 5: "Celebrating Our Year"

Location: Hello Again Books

Dates and registration: TBA

Location: The Seaside Succulent

Registration: On Seaside's website as reg opens

Soul Speak: Creating 'Found Word' Stories
Seeds of Self-Care Writing Series: Know to Grow
Vision Boarding 2024

Learn more here...

What do you need to work on? How? When? WHY???

Be honest. Don't sugarcoat.

Money? Physical health? Mental health? Career? People? Spirituality?

The 7 Spokes workshop is designed to help you identify your speed bumps— what's getting in your way of personal & professional success— and develop a strategic plan to get over them. 

Comfort Alert! This session is raw. It requires peeling back layers, showing up for yourself, and doing the HARD work.  You in? 

For the 18+ crowd

Personal & Professional Growth

Like the layers of color we apply to our bodies (permanent or temporary) to tell our stories, words create our layered stories, too.

In this workshop, you'll use words and colors to reveal your own life stories as you learn how to unravel and write them in a 'non-writerly' sort of way.

Location: Golden Moose Tattoo, Titusville

Date: June 20, 2024 (Thursday)

Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Registration: Opening soon

7 Spokes
Layered Stories: Writing Toward Clarity

Check back for location, dates, and registration here

Imagine capturing your elder loved one's memories and creating a beautiful legacy.

For years, our founder often sat with her grandmother as recognition faded. Though her grandmother no longer knew who she was, she shared her stories with "the woman that reminded her of her granddaughter." A notebook and purple marker became the tools for conversations that would become lasting memories.

Then, in hospice a few months shy of her grandmother's 99th birthday, our founder watched life quietly slip away. She wrote letters through tears to her grandmother.

After her grandmother's death, she began thinking about how she could help other families working through the grief journey that comes with aging, memory loss, hospice, and death.  

Today, we're proud to partner with The Terrace at Courtenay Springs to offer residents and their families weekly writing sessions in a small group setting beginning in May 2024.

Like to know more about this program? Drop us a note. A short video will be coming soon. 

Writing Programs

Being a teen is hard work!

Life seems to get more complicated every year. Teens need a safe place to 'talk it through' in their writing, even when they think 'writing is stupid.'

Our founder is a retired educator who spent many years showing tweens, teens, and adults how the power of informal writing can help make sense of life.

What often began as "This is stupid!" turned into "Can we write today?"

Writing with teens includes three sessions, 90 minutes each. It can also be a one-day retreat.

We explore wordplay, creative writing, journaling, and life planning. Teens learn to:

  • pause & reflect

  • doodle to discover

  • list to explore, learn & plan

  • create to connect

Along the way, our founder shares her journey from the oldest daughter of three girls, born to a teen mom and raised in a mostly single-parent family, to high school grad, Navy Veteran, retired educator, and thriving business owner.

Have a group of teen girls who’d like to do this program? Drop us a note.

Elder Legacy Writing

Teen Writing

We get asked a lot.

We design personal and professional/business development growth workshops for the "grown-up crowd" (18+) and sometimes, for teens.

Some of our sessions are open to guests 15+ with a parent.

Do you work with teens and want to plan a group workshop for them? We'd love to work on that with you!

Workshops for kids?

unknown person writing
unknown person writing